Middle school years bring mature thinking layered into a young mind that yearns to try everything and this is their theatre company where they take ownership of every production. We want our latent thespians to push themselves beyond their own perceived limits by introducing every aspect of creating a stage performance that there is time to explore. We know mistakes will be made since we regularly extend beyond our comfort zone, but we also know this is the best way to learn and allow the students to make the production their own.

The time between auditions and opening night evaporates quickly. Parents are involved throughout by working behind the scenes on a committee and chaperoning rehearsals. We provide instructions and guidance so no previous experience is necessary, but the help of student family members is critical to the success of every production.

I started directing middle school students when I was a freshman in high school and I have never stopped tearing up when another class moves on to high school. Fortunately, there is always another amazing group waiting to take their place and I hope that includes a middle school student from your family.

Johnmichael P. Monteith 

Hilltop Playhouse Performing Arts Educator & Director

Hello! My name is Abby Fisher, and this will be my first year as the producer for the Hilltop Heritage Playhouse. I have a 7th grade daughter, Mia, who performed last year in the first ever production of this group, and a 4th grade son at Grant Center for the Expressive Arts. I am a 16 year registered nurse, with the last 6 years being spent in the Emergency Department at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. While I may lack experience in the field of drama, I am a strong believer in the power of the arts (specifically drama) and how it can help students bring out their creativity and express their true selves. I am thrilled for the opportunity to help Johnmichael to see that the Hilltop Heritage Playhouse achieves its full potential!

Abby Fisher

Hilltop Playhouse Parent Producer