We are so happy that you are considering joining your own theatre company. No previous experience is necessary. We will all be learning together and strive to make this a fantastic adventure for everyone.

Below we share audition tips and options for audition monologues. We also welcome those who want to work behind the scenes by creating the set pieces or working tech elements. If you have any questions you can email the director at any time.

"I am so glad that the director encouraged us to make the show our own, and this is only one of the many reasons I loved putting together the play with my inspiring peers."

"The director ensures everyone feels included and gets a part fit for them!"

"... be prepared to put other activities/sports/clubs on hold for a few weeks. They really do need your full participation to make this a success."

"Great opportunity to make new friends."

"It is really fun to learn new dances, sing new songs, and interact with new people. It was amazing!"

Tips for Auditions

The audition process is a fun experience. We will introduce ourselves, talk about the show, perform monologues and perhaps play a theatre game. Below are some tips for a successful audition. For our fall show we have a monologue practice session (not required) the week before auditions where you can work on your performance and even pick out a monologue, if you do not have one already.