Cast & Crew!

Hilltop Playhouse brought a wonderful Shakespeare comedy to life as our very first show!

Hilltop Playhouse is a student theatre company that belongs to all young adults participating in Hilltop Heritage Middle School performing arts.

Hilltop Playhouse students perform musicals, plays, and original Shakespeare adaptations while working in an environment where they can examine and embrace all aspects of performing arts. We strive to educate, learn, encourage, and explore the boundaries of our theatrical imagination.

Hilltop Playhouse performs on the ancestral territory of the spuyaləpabš, translated from the Lushootseed language to mean “people from the bend at the bottom of the river” and referred to today as the Puyallup Tribe. We are grateful to play this small part in their community and fully support their rights to exist throughout their traditional homelands. We encourage you to learn more about their continued contributions to this region and stewardship of their land at the website